David Benforado has a long-held interest in pigments and their application, which is an integral part of his creative process. He treats colour like a living organism.  The canvas becomes a memory map of the painting actions; The work is realised by deploying at times the use of burning and scraping of surfaces and at others of repainting and applying transparencies.


Selected Exhibitions (2014-2023)

2022: Cataclysms, curated by Eleni Varopoulou, Kourd Gallery, Athens
2021: De Terra e de Bentu, curated by Emiliana Sabiu, Una Boccata d’Arte, Fondazione Elpis, Sardinia

2018: Goats and the Abstract Truth, curated by Eleni Varopoulou, Kourd Gallery, Athens

2015: Part 3: Between Sound and Silence, Kourd Gallery, Athens 

          Part 2: Between Sound and Silence, Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens 

2014: Part 1: Between Sound and Silence, curated by Eleni Varopoulou, Griechische Kulturstiftung, Berlin 


2023:  Wo man sich trifft, curated by Jurriaan Benschop, Emsdettener Kunstverein

          – Why Paintings Work, curated by Jurriaan Benschop, Kourd Gallery, Athens

2021: A Grammar of Gestures, curated by Jurriaan Benschop, Kourd Gallery, Athens
2018: Poetry of Memory, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, curated by Eleftherios Ikonomou, Rethimnon, Crete 

-Salon@Kourd, Kourd Gallery, Athens 

2017: No Net Working, Galeria Huuto, Helsinki
2016: Kölner Liste, Artfein Gallery, Köln
Mechanics of Space, Nitra Gallery, Thessaloniki 

Fragments of a Broken Season, Hilbert Raum, Berlin 

2015: Light and Heavy, Hilbert Raum, Berlin 

Kenophobia, CAN Gallery, Athens
Lange Nacht der Kultur, Internationales Sommeratelier Aschersleben, Germany 


2015: Internationales Sommeratelier Aschersleben, Germany 

Project participations 

2015 & 2016: KunstAutomat Projekt, Jewish Museum, Berlin 


2021 Ney performance, Una Boccata d’Arte, Tratalias, Sardinia 

2015 Ney performance, Kourd Gallery, Athens
2014 Ney performance, Griechische Kulturstiftung, Berlin

2014 Fukushima: The Aftermath, Painting & Music performance with Antonis Anissegos, The Story of Berlin


Publications (selected)

2023: Jurriaan Benschop: Why Paintings Work, Garret Publications

2022: Jurriaan Benschop: Waarom een schilderij wekrkt, published by Van Oorschot 

2022: Cataclysms: David Benforado, published by Cube Art Editions & Kourd Gallery

         31.06.2022: Interview with Dimitris Spyrou fro The Art Newspaper Greece (Greek). Click here for article.

2021: Una Boccata d’ Arte 2021, catalogue published by Fondazione Elpis, Galleria Continua and Threes Productions

          Sky Arte on Una Boccata d’Arte (Italian), minute 04:20. Click here to open (minute 04:20). 

2019: The Poetry of Memory, catalogue published by Contemporary Art Museum of Crete

          08.08.2018. Interview with India Doyle for Culture Trip (English). Click here for article. 

          02.07.2018. Interview with Georgia Papastamou for Lifo Magazine (Greek). Click here for article.

2015: Between Sound and Silence: David Benforado, catalogue published by Kourd Gallery

          25.03.2015.  Article by Michaela Prinzinger for Diablog (German-Greek). Click here for article.

(photo: Sara Deidda)